Enterprise Shopify Store

Enterprise | $6500

Kyle and his team will design your Shopify store using your content, a theme, colors and fonts that best reflect your brand. The store will be optimized for conversions and designed to look great along the way.

If you haven't yet, schedule a call and speak directly with Kyle about your specific Shopify needs.

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Getting Started:

Step 1. Providing Content & Design Requests

If you would like new content or products added into the redesigned store, they will need to be provided to Kyle or your project manager before the design process begins.

You may also include any design requests, color schemes or fonts, or any other direction you'd like to see in the new design.

For large quantities of products, please use the Shopify product CSV file.

Step 2. Making The First Payment

This package is $6500 and is paid in two installments of $3250. The first payment is due up front before Kyle's team begins.

The second payment is due 21 days after you are shown the new design (this allows time for revisions before the second payment is required), or when the new design is published. Whichever comes first.

That's It! Your New Website Will Be Designed In 3-4 Weeks.

3 Revisions & Final Payment

After the initial design, you can request up to 3 revisions, after which all revisions will be billed at $90/hour. Most revisions have a 5 day turnaround. Use a numbered or bulleted list and include all content necessary for each revision before requesting.

To allow time for revisions, you will be asked to make your second payment 21 days after you are shown the website, or when the website is published. Whichever comes first.

Transferring Ownership

Once your website is completed and ready to be published, Kyle will transfer the ownership of the store to you.

Additional Features Included:

  • Website Theme & Design

    Your website will be designed in a way that best reflects your brand image by using a color scheme, fonts and Shopify customization features.

  • Up To 300 Products & 25 Collections

    Up to 300 products can be added, organized into up to 25 collections.

  • Up To 20 Pages

    Up to 15 pages are included with this package. Pages are separate from products and collections. These can include "Home" "About Us" "Contact" etc.

  • Photo Editing

    Photos are edited as needed: Cropping, resizing, removing backgrounds and simple adjustments. Up to 10 stock photos will be provided if needed.

  • Up to 4 Apps Installed

    Once the design is ready to be published and no more revisions are needed, you can request up to 4 Shopify apps to be installed in your store. 

  • Stock Photos

    Up to 20 professional stock photos will be licensed for you as place holders or permanently as needed.

Kyle's main focus with every Shopify store is to optimize for conversions while utilizing his graphic design background to bring your website to life.

Optional Ongoing Support

After your new Shopify store has been published and transferred to you, you can hire Kyle's team to make updates and tweaks to your website anytime. Monthly support plans start at $180/month for 2-hours ($90/hour), or $120/hour if not on a support plan.

Most updates requests are made within 2-3 days unless otherwise discussed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I provide content?

1. All product content must be either emailed or sent using a specific Shopify spreadsheet template. If emailed, send one email per product. Each email should contain the product title, description, variants, price and photos.

2. All text must be in written text format and not an image of text.

3. All design requests must be provided in a numbered or bulleted list, in a way that clearly conveys what you are looking for.

How do I make a payment?

You will receive an invoice by email for both payments, which can be paid by credit card only.

Send Kyle an email if you're unsure at kyle@kylelewisdesigns.com

What is the turnaround time?

The initial design for the enterprise package will be shown to you within 2-4 weeks. At that point, you can request 3 revisions, each with a 5 day turnaround.

Can I make changes myself?

Yes! You can make any changes you'd like! If you'd like Kyle to show you how, you can schedule a call. This will be billed at your support plan hourly rate, or $120/hour if not on a monthly support plan.

I have new content, but the design is underway, what do I do?

You can let Kyle know you'll be sending over some new content. This will count towards one of your three revisions.

What is the ideal image size?

Just send over the highest quality images you can, and we'll make sure they load quickly on your website!

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